Friday, January 14, 2011

A new LEGO convert.

A friend of mine at work just discovered the magic of Lego...


When she finally told me I knew it was going to be a thrilling experience to talk Lego seriously with another fan ... well, let me rephrase... It was going to be thrilling to talk Lego seriously with another fan who is over the age of 5.

To make up for her lost time with Lego bricks she has been taking photos of her two new sets and even produced/directed/wrote a high-drama film staring Lego Man 1 and Lego Man 2.

This clip is a Lego buddy road-trip movie where two Lego friends search for coffee. But what they discover in the end really lies within their Lego hearts.

With a new adult fan running around at work, I am going to have to revisit my old policy of not letting girls play with my own Lego sets, but that is a policy that has not been seriously enforced since 1989.

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lego chick said...

What. Lego policy enforcement! No girls? What is this, 2010?