Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowed in

Sweet jebus it SNOWED! Call it Snowmageddon... snowpocalypse... a snowgasm or just snOMG it is still a pain in my ass...

But, it makes for good video makin' and when campus closes due to the weather it leaves me with a lot of time to do things... like upload half a dozen videos to YouTube.

See, I finally get around to even posting the videos from the family Christmas party. Like the video of the KU engineering professor facing off the with Zumba instructor as they attempt to jingle their bells in a minute-to-win it style compeition.

Or maybe you are more interested in a video that is more than a year old from the last Mavericks hockey game I went to:

It was a good productive day, but I still have not even gotten to the videos from my Vegas trip or even the videos I took of Max from this past summer...

Christ, I suppose I'll just let them continue to wallow on my harddrive until it crashes or until the next snow day, which is probably going to be Monday or Tuesday..

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