Monday, April 18, 2011


That is how I started my morning at 5 a.m. on Saturday. I figured waking up at that hour to begin my official coordinating duties at the kite festival required a small bit of profanity shouted at Max Power.

If I had a bottle of whiskey next to my bed, like I did in grade school, I am certain I would have done a shot to get the day going.

My morning ritual of shouting swear words at the day is why I am thankfull my roommate had removed his hearing devices before heading to bed. The girlfriend, on the other hand, has full hearing and was fully displeased with my excited utterance about the day's activities.

Well nutz to you then. On to the Kites!


Even with all the aggravation of setup, the chilling wind and clouds, and the nagging feeling it could rain again at any second, the festival turned out to be bigger than last year's.

Right at 11 a.m. the clouds cleared the temps shot up and the masses started to arrive. According to the car counters we had the the two entrances, we clocked about 15,000 people (AAA says that for every car we can multiply by 3.4 to get a rough estimate of attendance - we went with a straight 3 multipier).

The crowds were great, the vendors and sponsors were happy and I think our boss was pleased with the whole day.

I know I was.

The great lawn

We have even got some great photos from fellow bloggers out there:

With the number of people I saw out here with cameras, I would not be surprised to see a few more photo galleries appear in the next week or so.

Flights of Fancy 2012 is already underway. Mark your calendars: April 21, 2012 @ MCC-Longview.

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