Thursday, April 07, 2011

I'm back

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Strike up the band break out the good Whiskey, I have returned from the Internet void. Two whole freaking months have gone by since we last chatted and I laid down some Midwest Wisdom on your skulls.

Yes, I know; far too many bloggers in the world start off their posts with "Golly G, friends, it has been a while... (winky face)" Well, fuck that. I had shit to do and personal things to work out when it came to this blog.

You see, we have blogging in this little trash heap since 2004 - back when blogging was still sort of new and journalists thought the Interweb was their mortal enemy. I hated most the journalists I worked with at the time so it seemed natural that I would pick it up and start dumping my particular style of drunken ramblings and whining here.

I was going to be the next Hunter S. Thompson... banging out screeds against the government and The Man. "Screw you and you little dog, too!"

But that was mostly a failure since attempting to maintain that style of intense writing and and anger toward even the most vile of Nixon sympathizer is taxing on the soul.  That and you grow up - sort of.

Now, my merry band of readers, I find myself in the strange position of working in The Marketing Department. "Polish up that Turd and fax it over the daily newspaper! We have to sell these microwave ovens!"

Of course, by Microwave Ovens, I mean Higher Education and by Polished Turds I mean the many non-stop waves of new things we are doing here at Metropolitan Community College.

Don't get me wrong, not everyday on campus is like rolling into a pile of rainbow-farting puppies. It has its ups and downs, but 99 percent of the time I am working with a great group of people who really care about doing something cool for higher education in this region.

And that, you see, is where my dilemma enters from stage left.

I have been a big advocate of blogging and using the Internet here on campus. In some cases I have even used this blog as an example of how to do it. But that means I have to tell colleagues and administrators that I, in fact, own this garbage. It also means, that many of them started reading through some of this garbage.

As you all know, I've used this trash can as pretty much an open journal since 2004. When Deans and and Vice Chancellors started making comments here, I knew the jig was up.

No one got mad or offended. If anything, everyone was supportive and encouraging (except for Mom who thinks I need to tone down the swearing, damnit!). But I worried. I did not want to run wild like an animal defecating on all the goodwill I had built up or find myself on the wrong end of a Hostile Workplace lawsuit all in the name of good humor.

So, we tapered off and then eventually stopped blogging all together. Two moths went by - an eternity in web time.  I started taking a graphic design class instead to bone up (heh) on a few new skills. The class, though, served as good catalyst for getting me back here ultimately.

With a bit of a redesign (to coincide with a class project) I think I might be happier with this look and the new mission of the blog that I was ever before.

Now keep your dress on, team, this is not going to become some cluster of a marketing or public relations blog. Nor is it going to become a pulpit for higher education or the liberal socialist agenda I am subliminally pushing through my work...

No, I still have no flipping clue what this blog will be about, I just know it was time to get back at the helm and steer it right toward our next big disaster just beyond the horizon.

Onward, captain! Until the break of dawn.


Dan said...

Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and Mike's gotta swear. Let your freak flag fly, ya freak!

Tater said...

You've gotten taller.

Hyperblogal said...

Now that I found out you were gone I really missed you.

Ekey said...

David, you know how to make the girls swoon...