Friday, April 22, 2011

Rock the Block

Hells bells,  Dub-Dub-ers, it's finally Friday and we are ready to party it up for Passover... er, I think that is what we do anyway.

All I know is that I am in charge of the jello salad and Manischewitz. P-A-R-T-Why? Because nothing says family get-togethers like Jell-o and New Jersey booze.

Anyway, before I completely offend every member of my girlfriend's family I better get to my latest and greatest graphic design adventure...

Today we feature the the T-shirt project. We were asked to design a t-shirt that represented us, the student. Since I figured my teacher would not be too amused with profanity and ethnic slurs, I instead went with something a little more subdued.

T-shirt project
Rock the Block! Hey, there's that skyline again!

Actually, I drew the skyline originally for this project - since we did this back in February. The only stolen piece of art was the cassette tape rising over the city like the God of Fire - bow down to its hipster kitch and obsolete piece of technology. I suppose a record would have made more sense, but when I tried that it ended up looking like a big black target on your chest.

I was trying to create a "concert" t-shirt for a mythical event that would be kind of cool to see in Kansas City. It was modled off the the old dorm concerts where the RAs would ask for people in each dorm to play at a concert for your fellow dorm-residents.

There was free food, you learned who was "in a band" and everyone had a good time. This project assumed someone in KC would give this kind of event a whirl.

From the old days at The Paragraph Factories, I know some neighborhoods already do block parties like this, but hey... they never had this kick ass t-shirt advertising.

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