Thursday, April 14, 2011

When using a prop, make sure you know how to use it...

"Well shit."

That is what was going through my mind as soon as Weather-dude Brett Anthony asked me how to fly the infernal kite I was holding. It was SUPPOSED to be a prop. A visual aid to let you know that this segment was brought to you by A Kite!

First question out of the gate and I was beaming with pride because I knew the name of the thing and its kite designation... I could even break out its scientific name (Lotious Boxus).

But did I get a briefing on how to fly the actual thing? (Even worse, had I ever actually flown this thing?)

Nay sir... nay... Why, you ask? Because I am a professional and flying by the seat of my pants is what I do best.

The whole thing almsot went up in smoke 5 seconds in, but I think I recovered well and got out what needed to be said about the upcoming Kite Festival.

Check it and all my kite shilling glory.

Aw yeah... there is nothing cooler than midday news banter.


Brandon said...

shazaam - good interview.

blythe said...

Ha! I love it. "You got me" now let's talk about the scholarships ...