Monday, May 09, 2011

Getting through finals week

Here we go Dub-Dubbers - it's almost finals week here at Ye Old Junior College.

Today for show and tell I present to you my final project for my graphic design class. We were asked to design and build a CD prototype. The band we created the CD for could be made up or real...

So, I figured what better way to prove my creepy stalker credentials than to once again call on Tater and the Gravy Train and use them them in my final project.

Graphic Design final project

The photography is all from my Flickr Account from over the years and hopefully makes some kind sense in the grand scheme of the overall CD project... my influence? Travel and Booze.

Graphic Design final project

For the inside CD Jacket I decided to build an 8-panel poster that would fold up like a 4-square napkin into the CD front cover.

This would be your front cover:

Then the front jacket would open up to a two-page spread with the lyrics:

The jacket would then open up to a four-panel poster on the inside:


Now, before you get your chaps in a twist I know that is not Tater nor any member of the Gravy Train gracing this poster. It's actually Nick Schnebelen from Trampled Under Foot. I shot one of their shows at Kansas City Kansas Community College about a year or so ago for another project.

I kid you not, out of about 1000 band photos I have taken over the years, I have zero of Tater and the Gravy Train.

The only other action-ish photo I considered for this poster was one I had of Michael Buble, but that just seemed insulting.

Moral of the story... well, I don't think there is one, to be honest... let's keep moving...

While I was really happy with the poster, I think I was more pleased with the inside of the CD Tray - this is the image you would see when you pull the CD out of the case:

And the back cover - the side would fold up to fill that l/2 inch gap on the side of the CD case:
CDT100 (outside)

There is that logo again. Huzzah! 

I was rather pleased with this project considering we had only two class periods to put essentially eight different design components together. You can see everything and how it came together over here.

I have submitted this for your approval (and a grade).

On to design 102!

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blythe said...

Awesome! I believe I recall when that Wild Turkey/Fighting Cock photo was taken. Seems appropriate.