Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Summer Theater - Student Work

Check it, rubes... We have some insanely talented students in our MCC-Longview Graphic Design program.

To promote and advertise the new Summer Theater Workshop on campus here the marketing dept teamed up with a couple of students to put together an awesome campaign that finally breaks out of the mindset that Marketing = Posters on Campus.

Lakeside Summer Theatre Workshop poster

Granted, the students DID create posters for campus (pretty badass posters, IMHO) but they also sat down with the our guest theater director (yes, I refuse to spell it theatre) for an entire day interviewing him about what he would like to see happen in this new theater workshop.

Watch it and be amazed at people a decade+ younger than me being 50 times more creative.

We are using the videos and the color scheme to set up a whole campaign to roll out the advertising for the class this week. In the coming weeks we will have a few more video spots with Ryan talking about the theater and a whole mess of other things.

I had nothing to do with the creative end of this project.... I just oversaw the thing to make sure they did not break the law or secretly flash pornography on the screen, which actually might have been a good selling point...now that I think about it.

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Brandon said...

That is SO nice to see. And as posters go...it is a good one.

I believe its pronounced Theat-ah.