Monday, October 17, 2011

Football in a house divided

Waving the Wheat

Ours, is a house divided.

I went to MU. She went to KU. Somehow, through what I am sure is a policy similar to Mutually Assured Destruction, we make this relationship work like magic.

On Saturday, the Old Roommate got us tickets to go see the KU football game in Lawrence.

I had never been to to a KU football game (a few basketball games), so I was pumped all day to see the Jayhawks in action. 

We got out to L-Town early to take in the city and eat/drink at Free State Brewery. Some light tailgating and then GAME TIME (with continued tailgating)!

KU Football

It was a fairly demure crowd on the non-student side of the stadium. Since it was Oklahoma, I think everyone was just expecting the worst...thank Jebus for a stellar defense. I will tell you, I wanted to see KU win as bad as the folks sitting around me.

Also, you all know my feelings about Oklahoma.

Friends seem to forget my mother indoctrinated me early into the Jayhawk way of life... still, everyone seems weirded out when I not only know the tunes to all the cheer songs, but can also clap along...

Now doesn't that feel collegiate...

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