Friday, October 14, 2011

Not even Disney wanted to call KC home

Everyone has quite the idilic view of Walt Disney and his connections with Kansas City.

I have seen his face on murals and in warming Chamber of Commerce Videos that get played when we want to remember the great people who came from KC.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling old Walt did not share the same connection with KC that we thought he did.

One of my favorite blogs, Letters of Note, found this letter from Disney and his brother to the creative animator that would one day create Mickey Mouse. In his letter he begs, pleads and cries for Ub Iwerks to move to Hollywood.

It all seems pretty straight forward until Disney's final zinger at the end... Feel free to click through to LON or I can just spoil the ending for you here.

As he signs off with Ub, Disney adds this little P.S.:

"P.S. I wouldn’t live in K.C. now if you gave me the place — yep — you bet — Hooray for Hollywood — !!"

KC might need a litte ointment for the burn...


Anonymous said...

so when are you leaving, shitheel? how about fucking tomorrow?

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