Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kansas City Riverfront

Despite living in the River Market for several years, I had never actually walked down to the Heritage Riverfront Trail...

On Saturday, before the big Halloween Blowout, The Librarian and I spent the morning wandering around this bizarre park land, which is dotted with neat overlooks and ruined industrial landscape.

Broadway Bridge

From the trail, you can walk right down to the river bank and probably even dip you feet in the water... neither of us had a death wish, so we kept our feet on dry land.

River Shadow

What really caught our eye, though, was the remains of docks and other buildings that were in various states of decay.

Old Dock

This concerte staircase was all that was left of some dock and led from the trail all the way down into the water.  I assume is only now used to help when dumping the bodies into the water...


Not a bad trip... I am sure we will get down there again and try to walk further into Berkley Park next time the weather is nice.

Hwy 9

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