Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Viva Las Vegas...

Pack your best Hawaiian shirt and bring along your fanciest flask. The Librarian and I are headed to Vegas this summer to get hitched...

The Strip at night


It took us about a week to realize that planning a wedding and reception in Kansas City was going to be like pulling teeth with a weed whacker. We took in a couple of bids from places that we thought would be reasonable. But everything we could fit into our budget was going to involve WAY to much heavy lifting and coordination from our end and was just going to sap any and all fun we were going to have.

After we started to spread the news that Vegas would be the location of our destination wedding, I started hearing from other friends and co-workers who did the same thing. They all kept telling me is was the best decision they made when it came to getting married.

Although I am a little bummed we will not get Elvis or even Barry Mannilo to do the wedding for us, I suspect the resort will have someone of equal stature to officiate Wedding-palooza 2012!

Get pumped! You can find more details about the wedding and such here.

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