Thursday, December 01, 2011


... I feel like I want to set my hair on fire.

Water Fire Kansas City 2011

Despite our early week excitement, this whole week, though, as been dragging along. The Temple of Gonzo-KC had a bit of a medical emergency Monday night when The Librarian came down with some kind of stomach flu.

I think she picked it up from her infant niece (I say this only because I know for a fact babies cannot comprehend something as complicated as The Internets, but I could be wrong and might have to brace myself for the wrath of a drooling child upset by internet-tolls).

Anyway, if a man's engagement to a women is to be a time to learn about one another before marriage, I can definitely say my engagement to the Librarian has taught me how to effectively clean up buckets of puke.

For nearly 18 hours - every 15 minutes - she was puking, giving me only about 10 mins to rinse, clean and deodorize the trashcan we were using.

It was brutal.

What I thought was funny though was how many people kept telling me I needed to get her on the BRATs diet when she finally stopped up-chucking.

It sounded like they were nuts, but Banans, Rice, Applesauce and Toast must have been one of those health lessons I missed when I was in Jr. High.

Once we got things back to normal the work week ground to a halt and became insanely more boring.

Maybe it was the weather... maybe it's because tomorrow is payday... maybe it's because I decided to quit injecting caffeine into my eyeballs in the morning (health reasons). Whatever the case, I think this is a sign of things to come as classes end and the semester winds down. I'll have to start taking on some more evergreen projects - not necessarily a bad thing, really.

On the bright side, I found out my Attorney landed himself a cushy Lawyer-like job down in Springfield. Even got himself a high-fallutin' loft downtown... Fancy.

Now that he has ascended into the 1% I guess this means he can get all my drinks when I head south to visit the SOB.

Let's just hope all his lawyer-ing does not mean he has to back out of the wedding. If anything, I am going to need a lawyer more than ever in Vegas.

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