Friday, December 16, 2011

You win!

I am always looking for a cheap and easy way to fill the pages of this blog. So, what better time than now to tell you:

I won a design contest!

Well, technically, I won third - according to the judges - but when my artwork was reproduced in Black and White (as the instructions said it was going to be) mine was the only one that was legible...


Here is the deets:
The pizza place up the street from Ye Old Jr. Varsity is trying to drum up some business from the lines of people heading to the Christmas in the Park display.

People sit in their cars for HOURS to see the display. The Pizza Boss came up with the idea to hand out fliers to people waiting in line telling them the pizza joint was open and they could watch the line shrink from the windows of the game room... clever stuff, I tell you...

The Boss's Microsoft Word design skills were lacking so he threw it out to his Fans on Facebook...

"Design me a flier," he said. "And win $60 in Next Door Pizza gift certificates."

Now, my design skills aren't really what I would call... "professional" nor have I gone through any of the "training" or "education" needed to "be a graphic artist"... but I'll do just about anything for free pizza.

Next Door Pizza flier

Like I said, it's not exactly art... and from what the Facebook folks were saying there were some REALLY serious graphic artists on the case. Still, nothing says good design like a sweet readable font choice.

Huzzah Technicalities!

And Huzzah Next Door Pizza, who I think has some of the best Deep Dish Pizza in KC.

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