Sunday, January 15, 2012

LEGO Brick Factor KC: building like a top 40 champ.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012


With more than 200 LEGO builders from five different states competing for the title of Master Model Builder, it was an intense day of building.

Even though I did not make the cut for the final 10, I managed to get into the semi-finals with the top 40 builders from around the region. With that badge of accomplishment, I feel like I represented well this weekend.

The competition itself was a blast. It reminded me of the old high school debate days. Saturday, like back then, was filled with about an hour of intense competition and then a lot of sitting around waiting for judges and results to be posted.

It was great to have not only family and friends, but also a small contingent of blog fans come out to support me as I competed.

For Round One we were told the theme was Animals. Most every had about 30-45 minutes to think about what they wanted to build.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

The only problem with planning ahead was that you did not know what bricks you were going to be dealt. Judges even mentioned that they put relatively basic bricks to see how creative the contestants could be.

For 30 minutes you have to not only build a model that will impress the judges, but you have to also interact with the crowd that is gathering at each table.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

With so many red bricks in my first round draw, I thought a ROCK LOBSTER would be fun.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

I finished the lobster pretty quickly. So, I started asking the kids watching my table what they think I need to add. Some said I needed sand for him to live in, other said food. The finished product.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

Round Two was even more insane as the crowd was bigger and the competition included 39 other incredibly good builders. The theme for this round was to build something we thought represented Kansas City or the Midwest.

I thought I could play off the City of Fountains motif.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

Of course, it would not be a KC Fountain without a bum wading around in the pool.

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

Like I said before, I missed the final cut but was still pleased with how I performed all day. Plus, the final 10 all had some amazingly creative models and it will be interesting to see what they put together in the final round.

I have A TON of photos from the LEGO event on my flickr page.


Brandon said...

awesome job man! I am impressed. Sorry to have missed that performance.

Anonymous said...

We were down there with the grandsons. It was a ball. The waitress at the restaurant where we had lunch told us that Crown Center was busier than at Christmas. Another two employees commented about the behavior of all the kids. It was exemplary. A success for Crown Center and KC all around.
Also attended the FIRST Robotics lego contest at Union Station. Again, just a ball, with lots of elementary school and middle school boys and girls building and programming their lego robots.

Kenopolis said...

You should check out KC's new LEGO User group, KC Brick Lab!

Just go to, and from there check out our Facebook group,