Friday, January 06, 2012

LEGO competition at high noon in KC

Hell's Bells, Kansas City, make way for this LEGO Champion.

Next weekend, I will swagger jack this LEGO competition from some sad 10-year-old who thinks his Cowboy Space Castle is "da-bomb" — or whatever it is the kids say these days.

In preparation for the new LEGO Discovery Center at Crown Center, the Master Builders from around the country will be on hand to watch a bunch of child-like men and women attempt to compete for the coveted job of Kansas City's first LEGO Master Builder.

It's three rounds of timed building and only the top builder will be offered the job.

Yes, I will be competing. No, I never really stopped being 12. So save your judgement for another day...

I have been brushing up on my LEGO skills and watching film from previous competitions to see what is in store during the first few rounds of speed building. I just need to be on my game and ready to win.

If you are free Saturday, Jan. 14 at Noon, swing by the Crown Center to support your hometown hero (me) and play with some free LEGO sets!

I am really going to need is a sweet cheering section... I think it might be the only way to psyche out the competition and really make them feel inferior right out of the gate. Because, let's be honest, as much as LEGO means fun play, this is no longer playtime... it's go time.

If nothing else, if I lose, I will want to drown my sorrows with good friends and a lot of booze (from a mug build with LEGO).

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Superdave said...

I jut might have to come watch the show sneak a bottle in in case it's to boring I can at least numb myself a litle.