Friday, February 03, 2012

FRIDAY VIDEO: 5-year-old identifies brand logos


This is something that probably only marketing people and mothers of 5-year-olds will appreciate/be terrified by.

A graphic designer sat his daughter down and asked her for her first impression of several MAJOR brand logos.

Depending on who you are, her responses are cute, terrifying, intriguing or educational.

Working in this field, I am fascinated (I have watched the video several time) by not only the number of logos she recognizes, but also how she associates them.

The Republican Party logo is a "Circus Elephant."

The Panera Bread Co. logo is "Coffee."

She knows GE because her grandpa worked there.

I'd be curious to hear what parents think of this video, though. There has already been some outrage by parents who believe we over commercialize our kids... The Disney and McDonald's logo might be good examples, as she was able to identify those in a heartbeat.

Still, it was interesting that she was able to make the connection that the McD's M looked like french fries is kind if intriguing...

What do you think, moms?


Brandon said...

Interesting. I have a five year old too - and the comments were often very similar.
"its on the can of soda"
"its a restaurant"
"the coffee place"
"on the back of the phone or computer"
Plus she Nailed Disney and McD's too.

I think its more interesting from a developmental point of view of a preschool mind than a negative "we're ruining our kids" with over commercialization, or exposure in the wrong areas. The good brands do the job better - kids remember what they see day to day. This works on any socioeconomic level, I am sure.

But, there are more pressing issues, like why does the quarterback always win the corvette at the Superbowl?

Addie said...

This ain't nothing. Julian recognizes a Coors beer truck ("That's Kerstin's beer!") and he can spot a Target symbol from a mile away. But I'm not sure what "My 5-year-old can recognize more brands than your 5-year-old" says about me.