Monday, April 23, 2012

Another successful Flights of Fancy kite festival

With the new job duties MCC and volunteer wrangling at the festival, I did not get a great chance to take a lot of photos or any video at the kite festival.

Photographer Bret Mavrich was out getting all the good stuff on film, though.

Despite light winds, the campus still had more than 15,000 people on campus throughout the day enjoying the weather and even flying their own kites. Honestly, I still think it was a huge success and I heard really no complaints at all through the day.

I did manage to snap this photo on my phone just as my favorite mega-kite made it airborne.

Flights of Fancy kite festival 2012

The new MCC Public Relations person did, however, get a ton of great photos from the event.

MCC-Longview Flights of Fancy kite festival... and now the countdown begins for kite fest 2013...

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