Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VIDEO: Weird Al plays Jon Hamm in bowling... why not.

Best parts:

Weird Al sings "Bowling" over and over to the tune of the Mad Men theme song.

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) heckles show creator Matt Weiner by saying "The Kardashians get better numbers than you!"

"Hey Jon, I really liked your role as Gorgeous Guy #2 in that one episode of Alley McBeal."

"I think banana peels are hilarious jokes," Jon Hamm.

"No matter how good you did with the account, Mohawk Airlines does not exist today!" Pete Holmes heckling Vincent.

"Is it douchey to invite people to beat them in a game where he is clearly a semi-professional? I say yes,"  John Hamm. "It would be like me inviting people to a masturbating contest," Pete Holmes

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