Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A graduation speech that is worth a damn

The best advice on writing, creativity and life I have ever heard has only come from science fiction writers.

This is not to say that non-science fiction writers are full of crap... but rather that of the science fiction writers I have followed for years all seem to be the only ones coming up with brilliant things all the time when talking about how they have stayed creative.

God know recently I have felt the same way Gaiman does when it comes to success and happiness. I like to think we both get the same screwed up face as we wait for that man with a clipboard to show up at our front door and say, "It's all over. We caught up with you. Now you have to go get a real job." (Watch it at the 7 minute mark).

Watch the whole thing if you get a chance. It is pretty inspiring and it makes me want to go back see if I can find old copies of Sandman somewhere.

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