Thursday, June 21, 2012

AMC Mainstreet takes ball, goes home.

Things got a bit tense last night at the AMC Mainstreet.

The wife and I had heard Wednesday night was going to be the last night the AMC and the Marquee bar would be open. So, we decided we should head down for one last drink. It had been our movie house for the last couple of years. It was just down the street from our apartment and was a great place to go while downtown, but you were still just far enough away from the P&L douchbags that you never felt crowded. Plus, free live swing music and dance lessons!

The Wife and I also had a couple of friends that worked the theater and the bar and we knew they would be working that night, too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited that the spot will become an Alamo Drafthouse. I had been to their Austin, Texas, location before and was blown away by the whole experience there. I can only imagine what kind of movies and programming they will bring to downtown KC for a couple of cinefiles like The Wife and I.

It also turns out that Alamo had already been in touch with staff at the Marquee and had offered to keep most all of the current staff on board as they make the transition in the next couple weeks to the Chsterfield (the new bar name).

Good on you Alamo!

Hearing that news, I figured there would be a bit more of a welcoming vibe on the final night. However, our overly dramatic memorial service for a theater bar was cut short when AMC managers blocked us as the door and told us they were closing even earlier than anticipated that night. The kitchen staff had started refusing food orders and a number of other staff members were just abandoning their posts on the final night. They seemed pretty determined to not give us our final drink at the bar.

Despite what this foul blog might portray, I am not a complete idiot. I know AMC is looking out for its bottom dollar. Money is what has driven its most recent decisions, not community. Still, I can't be the only one who has a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth following the past couple of month's worth of decisions by AMC. The new powers that be at AMC will have a big assignment for its new PR folks.

Oh well, not a whole lot of love lost on the AMC front, I suppose. I am little peeved that I just renewed my Stubs Card. This means I now have to head to the suburbs to redeem whatever points I have remaining.

UPDATE: (For a bit of perspective) If the fact that my biggest complaint in life is that some international company has closed down my local theater chain and bar, then I think I have to follow this post with a #FirstWorldProblems tag — yeah, that seems about right.


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Hyperblogal said...

First they became Not Kansas Citians, and then they became Not American.... I think I'll work around AMC..