Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Robster lives in Australia

As many of you might remember, Robster the Rock Lobster was one of my LEGO creations when I competed in the LEGO Master Builder Competition back in January.

Robster then made his way to the big LEGO/Aquarium display in the Crown Center shopping mall.

Now he is living it up on the coast of New Years Island in Australia... sort of.

Google and LEGO teamed up to create an awesome online drafting program that lets you play with LEGO bricks from the comfort of your computer screen at work. The added bonus is that the plots you build on are based on ral locations in Australia and New Zealand (Gizmodo says they will be expanding to other locations as the project catches on).

The 32-stud plot and limited lego selection might seem like a buzz-kill, but it actually forces you to be a bit more creative in the e-building process.

Give it whirl and try it out. It's not like you are actually doing anything at work anyway...

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