Thursday, June 07, 2012

Vegas Wedding Weekend, Part I

MGM Pool

It is hard to pick the most representative photos of the entire wild Vegas Wedding weekend. Is it the one of our families all standing round The Librarian and I outside the chapel as we wave like fools? Or is it the one where the Michael Jackson impersonator is hugging The Librarian after an epic show at New York-New York? Maybe it is the many photos of free drinks, shots, novelty beverages and alcoholic slushes that passed through out hands during the weekend...

Whatever photo you happen to think represents the weekend best, all I know is that it was easily one of the best weekends of my life. Not only did I get to marry my best friend, but I got to do it in one of most fun and exciting cities.

Vegas Wedding @ New York-New York

It was also amazing to have so many wonderful family and friends there to support us and cheer us on as The Librarian and I took the plunge and got married. Without them, the weekend out not have been as memorable as it was.

With so many people taking photos, I am sure more will be posted here, over on the flickr page and on Facebook as they are emailed to me.

Stay tuned as I will be posting more photos from the wedding itself and the rest of the weekend.

Vegas Wedding @ Belligio


Anna said...

I love this. It looks like so much stinkin' fun. Also, the last picture of Sarah laughing is so sweet.

So happy for you lovebirds!

Shannon said...

Congrats. Looked like you had a fabulous time, and I'm so happy for you both!