Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in action and posting photos like a fool

Siesta Key.

Florida was fantastic, getting back to work... not so much. But we won't bore you with the detials of what happened at ye old (jr) varsity.

Instead, check out this kickin' vacation photos from Florida!

Powdery white beaches with crystal clear water and enough Old Crow bourbon to keep me nice and sauced for an entire week of fun in the sun.

There were many highlights. Like feeding the Flamingos.

Feeding the Flamingos!

A sunset boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico.

Siesta Key Sunset


Wading out into the Gulf

Fireworks on the beach.

4th of July on Siesta Key

Parasailing and jet skis.

Parasailing at Siesta Key

And hanging out with this little lady.

Sunset cruise

All-in-all Sarasota was a hell of a vacation and we are definitely planning to return sometime in the future.


daniellaprice30 said...

I love parasailing! I can't wait for next summer to experience this too. Of course my mom would treat me for a ride at some hand built wood yachts but I wouldn't miss parasailing for anything!

daniellaprice30 said...
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