Monday, November 26, 2012

HGTV and Popcorn Ceilings

HGTV hates popcorn ceilings

Ever since the Librarian and I moved into our new house, we have been on a steady diet of HGTV's home renovation shows. Of all the home projects and improvement tips they offer, there is one thing I have learned:


Whether it is Property Brothers, Love it or List It, House Hunters or House Hunters International. No one likes that ceiling texture. Did I miss the memo?

Of course, since The Librarian is watching these episodes in marathon fashion, we seem to hear it A LOT.

I mean, they really DO NOT LIKE that shit in any of the houses they remodel or buy.

What gives? I like my popcorn ceilings just fine. We have 20-foot cathedral ceilings in the living that, I think, would look weird with no texture. The bedroom is a 15-foot recessed ceiling that would look strange, too, I think. Maybe I can understand removing it from the flat lower ceilings in the guest rooms, but even then... it does not look bad as it...

Maybe it is because they are all Canadians...

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Anonymous said...

Yay for popcorn ceilings!