Friday, November 30, 2012

Introducing Lady Indiana Ekey

Lady Indiana Ekey

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the esteemed Lady Indiana Ekey.

The Librarian and I adopted her today from the Lee's Summit Animal Shelter. She was a rescue from another city, but has already made herself at home in our home.

She is a 5-month-old Lab/Boxer mix and has been nothing but a ball of energy since coming home.

So far we have done nothing but spoil her with toys, treats and a backyard that she seemed a bit timid in at first, but then opened up into full circling sprints.

Indiana joins our two cats, Hudson and Sawyer. They seem to be... well, slowly introducing themselves.

What curious is that when we met her for the first time in the shelter, the staff said we could not take her until she had been spayed (seemed simple enough). But as we were filling out paperwork and the vet took a look at her, she said Indiana appeared to have already been spayed.

Even more curious is that she has a small scar on her back. We know she had been exposed to people before she went to the shelter, but some of her mannerisms make me think she had a home that was less than ideal to begin with. Still, she has been super quiet and incredibly affectionate.

So let us welcome our newest member of the Ekey household: Lady Indiana Ekey!

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