Thursday, December 27, 2012

The taxman cometh

Paid the property taxes on the house and cars today.

It was momentous day, people. This was the first time I had to pay so many of them. My car, the wife's car and the new house. So much money going out.

Sweet Jebus...

Now, before you begin to think this is some Libertarian rant against the gub'mint, let me finish my story.

Jackson County does a great job of breaking down where each penny of your tax payment goes and the list is pretty much a direct list of thing I find pretty damn important:

Lee's Summit School District - Yay schools!
City of Lee's Summit - Yay roads and water!
Metro Junior College - Yay higher education!
Mid-Continent Library - Yay libraries!

This, of course, does not event cover the health programs, which I think we could use more of, and the Blind Pension fund among others.

Bitch and moan all you want, I suppose, (or get in involved in your local government process). There is still no avoiding the taxman.

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