Monday, January 28, 2013

LEGO was patented 55 years ago

UPDATE: My cousin offers up this rough translation of the commercial:

"Everyone builds together; big and small. They all build with lego bricks...The possibilities are endless! But this is not just a toy... traffic workers and builders can use them for work....Watch out! No worries. They don't break!..." That's the jist anyway. Most importantly, they got the message across that THEY ARE NOT JUST FOR FUN. THEY ARE SENSIBLE."

This. Is. AWESOME.

One of the earliest commercials/films featuring LEGO and all its glory.

I love the idea of LEGO being used as part of a larger family night of games. Usually we think of only young kids playing by themselves building or maybe with a few friends.

I think when my kid is old enough, I am going to have introduce LEGO game night to the household. I am sure The Librarian would be thrilled.

All I need now is for my cousin over at Little Reminders of Love to translate it for me.

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