Monday, February 18, 2013

Avenge me!

I shared this over on my pet project 40 Weeks to Fatherhood, a blog for my unborn kid due in August. Still, I thought it was worth sharing in both places; especially since I am going to be on the lookout for someone in KC with killer kung fu moves or a Batcave...

By the hammer of Thor!

We were sitting the parking lot of the local library during your Mom's lunch hour eating burgers and talking about our future with you.

Mom: You know we really need to put together a will once the baby is born.

Me: Yeah, we should.

Mom: What would happen to us if, god forbid, we were both killed. I want our kid to be taken care of.

Me: Me too.

Mom: Who do you think we should ask to take care of our kid? I know it is such a remote possibility, but I just want to know and have something in place just in case, you know?

Me: Sure.

Mom: I think any of our brothers would be a great parent to our children if we were gone.

Me: Yeah, but the key here is understanding that, if we both really are killed, I would expect my kid to avenge our deaths. So, which ever uncle would best send our kid down that path would make the best god-parent.

Mom: And here I thought you were actually going to contribute something to this conversation.


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