Sunday, June 02, 2013

One year down


One year ago today I — and about 40 of my closest friends and family — were gathering in a small chapel outside the casino of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

We had already spent the last 24 hours drinking and celebrating everything that was leading up to this moment.

When soon-to-be- wife walked into the chapel I knew, from that moment, that she and I were starting a whole new adventure with one another.

A new job
New friends
New house
New degrees
New dog
A baby...

And that is all just in the first year.

Unlike most traditional weddings, we did not have a cake where we could save a piece for our anniversary. Instead, we save the chocolate bars the MGM Grand gave after the wedding and broke off a couple of pieces for breakfast.

If our first year as husband and wife is setting the pace of the rest of our life together, then year two is going to be circus.

Get ready. Because with my best friend by my side, we are just getting started here.

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